/ 05 May 2022

Oz has a password problem, an incredible tale of survival, and the power of a $100 bill…

Image source: Unsplash
Image source: Unsplash

Half the Australian population changes their online passwords twice a week because we keep forgetting them, a new study from tech giant Cisco has found. Experts recommend using an online password manager rather than using these easy-to-guess options

Reports say a Queensland man in his 70s who fell off his catamaran 8km from the coastline made it safely back to shore after swimming in rough conditions for 9 hours. Even more incredibly, he landed on the beach where his boat had washed up…

And if you need some warm/fuzzies, a Minneapolis woman Tracy Peck has had an emotional reunion with 2 Yugoslavian refugee sisters. She gave the girls $100 on a plane trip 23 years ago after they arrived in the US. The money helped feed them for an entire summer, but they couldn’t say thanks until their story went viral last week.

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