/ 27 July 2022

Reaching out to old friends

Image source: Unsplash
Image source: Unsplash

As we get older, it’s not uncommon to think about getting in touch with long-lost friends. It can be nerve-wracking to reach out to them after so long, but a new study found it is usually more appreciated than you may think. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh surveyed more than 5,900 participants to see whether they could accurately estimate how much their friends valued them reaching out and what the best form of communication was. They found those who initiated contact with an old mate significantly underestimated the recipient’s reaction. And rather than big gestures, a simple phone call, text, email, note or small gift was the best approach. And don’t write off Facebook just yet – it can be a powerful connection tool, as the cute reunion story of high school besties Steve and DeSande shows. Aww…

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