/ 02 December 2021

‘Red Notice’ makes Netflix history, returning a library book 100 years later, and downsized wine glasses…

Image source: Unsplash
Image source: Unsplash

It’s only been out for 2 weeks, but the new Dwayne Johnson/Ryan Reynolds/Gal Gadot action flick Red Notice is the most-watched movie in Netflix history. It may have been panned by critics, but not so the audience…

A copy of New Chronicles of Rebecca by Kate Douglas Wiggin has been returned to Boise Public Library in Idaho – 110 years after it was taken out in 1911. Luckily for the individual/their descendants, the library doesn’t charge late fees.

It wasn’t too long ago that wine glasses the size of your head were all the rage. But now, as we emerge from lockdowns (and maybe a few boozy nights in…) British researchers say the demand for smaller glasses is growing. That’s so you get to exercise with more trips to the fridge, right?

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