/ 21 September 2021

Walking across the River Seine, Frenchified names, and Rhonda and Ketut return…

Image source: News Limited
Image source: News Limited

It might not be the right time to swoon over the French, but a 27yo local has walked a highline from the Eiffel Tower across the River Seine. And he did it while looking impossibly chic in a Breton top and jeans. Show off…

Sticking with France, and when a right-wing political journalist began talking about people having “un-French” names, some scallywag created a satirical website to find out if your name is French enough. The Squiz = Thibault [insert shrugging lady emoji].  

Remember Rhonda and Ketut? They’re back on our screens after “almost a decade to raise their three kids away from the prying eyes of the media”. Like a sunrise…

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