/ 28 July 2022

Weird deep-sea creatures discovered, dogs have noses for eyes, and shaking some bacon…

Image source: Unsplash
Image source: Unsplash

Scientists at the UK’s Natural History Museum have discovered more than 30 new weird and wacky deep-sea creatures after using a remotely-operated robot. They included a centipede-like invertebrate, a type of sea cucumber and a gummy squirrel

A new study has revealed that dogs can use their noses to see. To explain: unlike other animals that rely primarily on vision to see, man’s best friend’s sight and smell are connected, so they can use their scent to work out where things are. Clever things…

And Belgian scientists are investigating a tip-off from a local farmer that his pigs respond to different types of music. He claims they love to shake their bacon to energetic dance songs – rock music, not so much.

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