Squiz Quiz – 13 August 2021

1. Which COVID vaccine was granted provisional approval by Australia's medicines regulator this week?

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It'll be in the rollout mix from mid-September.

2. ABC boss David Anderson delivered an update to which staff policy this week?

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He said their use of social media should not compromise the national broadcaster's 'independence and integrity' after some recent high profile cases.

3. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released an epic report this week. How many years did it predict for the world to warm 1.5C above pre-industrial levels?

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That's a lot sooner than the 2050 horizon that had been hoped for...

4. Which country has likely recorded the hottest temperature in Europe on record?

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Sicily hit 48.8C on Wednesday. Whoa...

5. NASA this week said it was looking for volunteers to do what?

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Just think how much you're going to be able to catch up on Netflix'd said former astronaut Chris Hadfield.

6. Aussies had a very important job to do on Tuesday night. What was it?

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For the first time it could be done earlier, but old habits die hard...

7. Argentinian football great Lionel Messi has inked a 2-year deal to play for which team?

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Earlier this week, Messi said goodbye to Barcelona where he'd been playing since 2000 when he was recruited as a 13yo.

8. Which country will ban all karaoke songs containing u201cillegal contentu201d like references to gambling and drug use?

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As long as Love Shack stays on the list...

9. Which social media app was the most downloaded in 2020?

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It knocked Facebook off the top of the list.

10. China's wandering elephants have become international stars since they took off on a 500km journey last March. Why were they in the news again this week?

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It's been a epic journey requiring the resources of 25,000 police to keep people - and the elephants - safe.

Squiz Quiz - 13 August 2021

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