Squiz Quiz – 17 December 2021

1. Australia hosted a foreign leader this week - name, please?

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The South Korean President was here to take defence and security, and we’ve inked a $1 billion agreement with their defence giant Hanwha.

2. From this week, you're eligible for your COVID booster shot how long after your second shot?

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The rising Omicron strain saw officials bring it forward a month.

3. Former US President Donald Trump's chief-of-staff Mark Meadows' text messages on 6 January revealed what?

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Meadows has been charged by the Congressional committee looking into what happened on 6 January because he's stopped cooperating.

4. Who won Formula 1's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix?

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Hamilton was cut agonisingly short of winning his 8th championship after a chaotic end to the season decider, and a challenge to Verstappen's win could still be on the cards.

5. What job did Russian President Vladimir Putin do to make ends meet after the collapse of the Soviet Union?

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"It's unpleasant to talk about, to be honest," he said this week.

6. Fancy exercise equipment company Peloton were in the news this week for that reason?

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It's been quite a ride...

7. Which car manufacturer this week said it's doubling down on its electric vehicle ambitions?

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“We can leave a beautiful planet and bring about many smiles for the future generation,” company’s president Akio Toyoda said.

8. Spain’s youngest bishop was relieved of his duties this week - why?

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That would do it...

9. Why was Jane Campion's new movie 'The Power of the Dog' in the news this week?

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Go you good thing...

10. A South African family found what in their Christmas tree this week?

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Talk about Christmas yells...

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