Squiz Quiz – 22 October 2021

1. What phase did Australia enter this week on the national COVID plan?

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That happened when the national rate of vaccination for those eligible hit 70% this week.

2. The federal government introduced legislation this week requiring those operating critical infrastructure to do what?

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Many of them aren’t happy, but the government says it needs to keep track of those targeting Australia.

3. And what new laws were recommended by a parliamentary committee this week in the wake of a scandal?

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It follows Rio Tinto’s blasting of the Juukan Gorge rock shelters against the wishes of the traditional owners.

4. Queensland did what this week to hurry residents along to get vaccinated?

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From 17 December, vaccinated people who have been locked out of the state will be able to enter without quarantining.

5. Colin Powell died this week from COVID complications. Why was he a notable figure in the US?

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He once said, “Bad news isn’t wine. It doesn’t improve with age.” Wise words…

6. Emma Watkins, the popular Yellow Wiggle, is leaving the group to do what?

The Wiggles
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But something to note, she is a very good drummer…

7. Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar may be dead, but what animals that he imported for a private zoo are creating problems?

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Now numbering 80, the government says the ‘invasive species’ is the biggest herd outside of Africa.

8. ‘Friends’ say Queen Elizabeth has given up the booze as she prepares for what event?

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She’s said to like a pre-dinner martini.

9. Irishman Curtis Campher achieved what rare sporting feat this week?

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He took 4 wickets off 4 balls in the T20 World Cup.

10. Which country has taken on Robertson, NSW with its own version of a big potato?

Food & Wine Magazine
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That’s mashed…

Squiz Quiz - 22 October 2021

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