Squiz Quiz – 29 June 2024

1. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange walked free this week after how many years in prison in the UK?

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Celebrated and derided - whatever your view he's now a free man.

2. Before landing in Australia, Assange stopped off where?

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It's close proximity to Australia obviously had something to do with that decision...

3. Who was announced as the new head of the Climate Change Authority this week?

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The technicality is that he's actually still a member of the NSW Liberal Party... So that's a whole thing.

4. Which of the following was a rule for the first presidential debate on Friday?

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Props and pre-written notes weren't allowed either.

5. New inflation numbers for May were released this week - what happened?

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Also increasing: chatter about another interest rate...

6. This week Treasurer Jim Chalmers announced which industry will have to comply with a mandatory code?

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Chalmers says "this is about getting a fair go for families and a fair go for farmers."

7. NSW bagged a win in the 2nd men's State of Origin this week and broke what record?

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Bring on the final game on 17 July...

8. Which Aussie arty establishment has hung paintings by Picasso in the female loos?

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It's part of MONA's ongoing battle for a women-only space.

9. Name the legendary Aussie swimmer who retired this week...

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She missed out on Olympic selection and at 32yo, said it was time to hang up her cap. During her career, Campbell won 8 Olympic medals and broke 7 world records.

10. Who moved and grooved with a bit of dad dancing last weekend?

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Not even the Royals are immune to a Taylor Swift bop…

Squiz Quiz - 29 June 2024

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