The 2019 Squiz Quiz – Apropos of Nothing

When you see as much news as we do, there’s always a quirky story or two that grabs our attention. Time to see how well you were across the random bits this year…

1. In October, one company advertised what many declared the best job in the world. What what was the gig?

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The carb lovers had it…

2. Former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told the Daily Telegraph she’d dipped into Nine’s Married at First Sight this year. What did she say about it?

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She was “astounded”. It’s safe to say J-Bish was not a fan…

3. Armando, “the Lewis Hamilton of pigeons”, was sold at auction this year. How much was he sold for?

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TWO MILLION DOLLARS. That’s one expensive bird… Armando is not even racing anymore. He’s retired and is fathering chicks.

4. What was the most interesting development in animal movement techniques this year?

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You’ve got to believe it was the salmon cannon... It was designed to shoot unsuspecting fish up to 35km/hour over hydroelectric dams that block their migration paths

5. Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey’s salary was revealed to gasps this year. What was he paid in 2018?

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After famously not taking a cent for three years, the company’s financial filings showed Dorsey was paid $1.40 as a nod to the platform’s then character limit.

6. A Canberra Uni library was evacuated in May for what reason?

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Durian fruit - some call it the King of Fruits, others call it for what it is - stinky…

7. What surprising activity does UK PM Boris Johnson unwind with?

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“I have a thing where I make models of buses. What I make is, I get old, I don’t know, wooden crates, and I paint them,” he said.

8. What product for the home did KFC have UK fans going crazy for?

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If some soft gravy lighting can’t get you in the mood, nothing will.

9. Which music video became the first released before the 90s to reach a billion views on YouTube?

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Helped along by a hit movie of the same name… (all hail Queen).

10. PM Scott Morrison was photoshopped by his department in some images that went up on his website. What feature was in for particularly attention?

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It was his footwear, but the PM suggested they focus on his hair next time…

You just can't make this stuff up...
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