The 2019 Squiz Quiz – Aussie News

We had a little thing called the Federal Election, sure. But there were a few other things going on in Australian News as well. Ready?

1. PM Scott Morrison was afforded a fancy State Visit to the White House after his election win. What did US President Donald Trump call him?

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Trump was riffing off former US President George W Bush’s characterisation of former PM John Howard as a "man of steel"… As for the ‘stable genius’ label, that’s one that Trump keeps for himself…

2. What was the most googled term in Australia in 2019?

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With more than 700 homes destroyed in early bushfires this season, it's no wonder people turned to the internet to find out more.

3. Two Australians - Jolie King and Mark Firkin - were detained in Iran after being accused of doing what?

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The drone flying. They were released in October. Australian-British academic Kylie Moore-Gilbert remains in detention on charges that have not been confirmed by Iran.

4. National house prices surged 1.7% in November to record what?

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The biggest rise since 2003 (which, by the way, was when Guy Sebastian's 'Angels Brought Me Here' was #1...). That sound you could hear was real estate agents around the country saying “we’re back, baby”...

5. Wang Liqiang, a Chinese man who is seeking asylum in Australia, 'fessed up to being a Chinese spy and said he was involved in meddling in elections overseas. What did China say about him?

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China says he's a fraudster. PM Scott Morrison said Wang's claims are being taken seriously.

6. Former PM Bob Hawke died this year at 89yo. What did his political-partner-turned-adversary Paul Keating say about him?

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Trust, of course. Delivering a eulogy at Hawke’s memorial service, Keating underlined the long and productive relationship they shared (pre-challenge, presumably...).

7. Who is standing trial in Perth for the Claremont serial murders that were committed in the 90s?

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Bradley Edwards. The former Telstra technician accused of murdering three young women - Sarah Spiers, Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon. The others are convicted killers from 2019’s high-profile cases in Melbourne.

8. Australian Lucas Fowler, his partner Chynna Deese and academic Leonard Dyck were killed by two Canadian teens. In a video recording that was found, what did killers Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod say about their reasons for the murders?

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No clear motive was articulated in the videos, police said. They did, however, confess to all three murders. But they expressed no remorse and vowed to kill others.

9. A problem with our pineapple was discovered this year. You know, the $50 note. What was the issue?

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For a mob that had problems spelling the word ‘responsibility’, the Reserve Bank owned up to the error and vowed to fix it ASAP.

10. Australia joined a coalition of international forces to ensure the Strait of Hormuz remains open to shipping as things between the US and Iran heated up. What did we contribute?

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A warship, surveillance aircraft and Defence Force personnel. "Australia's core interest in this mission is de-escalation,” said Defence Minister Linda Reynolds.

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