The 2019 Squiz Quiz – Sports Edition

It really was a mixed year of sporting results, both on and off the field. How well were you across it all? Let’s find out…

1. Which record-breaking mare is pregnant with a million-dollar baby?

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Aww, Winx, one of the best racehorses Australia has ever seen, is up the duff. And if her pedigree wasn’t enough, her baby daddy is a stallion named I Am Invincible…

2. Who will take over as coach of the Wallabies after a disappointing Rugby World Cup saw the resignation of Michael Cheika?

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It’s Kiwi Dave Rennie. “Just chill” was Cheika’s request to the journo asking about his future directly after the Wallabies quarter-final loss.

3. Which media outlet announced it won’t cover the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

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After 67 years of bringing the Olympics live to Australia’s airwaves, the ABC’s Radio service bowed out citing budget cuts. Crankiness ensued…

4. Who won the Federation Cup this year?

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It’s the top women’s tennis representative competition, and France beat the Aussies 3-2. All-conquering Ash Barty might have cried a little…

5. Who became Australian swimming’s biggest money earner in a single year?

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That would be Cate Campbell after her World Cup series wins. She took home nearly $220,000 for her efforts.

6. The governing bodies of which Aussie sporting codes took big steps to address the gender pay gap this year?

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Cricket and Soccer are correct. Football Federation Australia and Cricket Australia announced deals to give their women players a better financial deal.

7. Who won the Melbourne Cup this year?

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2019’s first Tuesday in November favoured the Aussies. Vow and Declare - a horse bought for $70,000 - became the first born-and-trained Australian horse for a decade to win the Cup’s $4.4 million first place prize money.

8. Who won player of the 2019 Ashes series?

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Former Aussie captain Steve Smith. On the comeback trial after a 12-month ban for his role in the ball-tampering incident of 2018, he batted like he had something to make up for… Oh, and the Aussies won the Ashes series, which was nice.

9. It was a big year in soccer. Who was named FIFA Women’s Player of the Year?

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Megan Rapinoe, and the equality campaigner isn’t leaving it on the pitch… She recently made waves for her endorsement of US Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

10. Who won 2019’s Netball World Cup final?

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Ugh. The Aussie Diamonds lost to the Silver Ferns 52-51. The worst.

Game. Set. Match.
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