The 2019 Squiz Quiz – World News Edition

Consider yourself a citizen of the world? Take our 10 question quiz on news from around the world in 2019.

1. Which country got its measles vaccination rate up from 30% to nearly 90% in a matter of weeks after a deadly outbreak?

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The measles outbreak in Samoa has killed more than 70 people - mostly children under 4yo - and saw a national emergency declared as a mandatory vaccination program was rapidly implemented.

2. Which country gave its officials new controls to restrict its citizens' internet access this year?

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Russia. The new controls can create a ‘sovereign internet’, which critics say could create an internet firewall similar to China's. Whether the Russians can actually implement it is another thing…

3. Which country sat out of significant trade negotiations on the development of a massive new trade deal called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership?

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It was India. It’s concerned if it joins the agreement, it would have to take lots of Chinese imports that would badly affect its manufacturing industries. “What the what” is also an acceptable answer…

4. How many years did WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange spend in Ecuador's London Embassy before he was arrested for breaching his bail?

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Seven. Long. Years. And while many were concerned about Assange’s wellbeing, others were concerned about his cat. Want to know more about the Assange/WikiLeaks saga in prep for a big year coming up? Look it up in the Squiz Shortcuts section of our website...

5. In the US, impeachment is the word. What is US President Donald Trump accused of doing?

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It was the phone call with Zelensky that kicked the impeachment investigations off. Although Trump supporters might say it’s about his political rivals coming after him…

6. What was the name of the Category 5 hurricane that devastated the Bahamas in September?

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Hurricane Dorian left 70,000 people homeless, more than 70 dead and more than 300 people are still missing.

7. Notre Dame cathedral in Paris suffered extensive damage from a fire. What was the cause of the blaze?

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TBC - it’s a question that still hasn't been answered. Rebuilding is underway, although there’s disagreement about what the new spire should look like…

8. Israel is set to have its third election in a year after political leaders failed to put together a governing coalition. Benjamin Netanyahu is PM and leader of the Likud party. Who has become his main opposition?

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Gantz and his Blue and White Alliance have changed up the Israeli political scene in the last year but were unable to get the numbers to put together a government.

9. The world took a lot of interest in the fires burning in the Amazon. Why is that?

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And breathe... More than 87,000 fires burned in the Amazon this year with claims many of the fires were deliberately lit to help farmers and miners develop the land.

10. Sudan’s longtime President Omar al-Bashir was removed from office in April. Not long after that, more than 100 people were killed as protestors clashed with the military. What were the protesters calling for?

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After 30 years of rule under Bashir, protestors want the military leaders who toppled him to move quickly to a government led by the people. An agreement for the establishment of a transitional government was struck. And Bashir was recently convicted of corruption charges.

Just a few things happening around the world...
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