The Squiz Quiz – 11 December, 2020

Get your S’Quiz on with the top 10 questions. See how well you were across the news this week.

1. Who did Forbes name for the 10th year running as the most powerful woman in the world?

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The top 100 list includes 10 heads of state, 38 CEOs and 5 entertainers.

2. Google’s Year In Search list was also out - what was the most searched term Aussies looked up in 2020?

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What a year, eh?

3. Speaking of Google… It and Facebook will be forced to pay for the news content they publish from Aussie news outlets if a new mandatory code passes the Federal Parliament. What’s notable about the legislation?

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There’s a Squiz Shortcut on all that…

4. The residents of Hillside in Victoria suffered a particular kind of panic this week. What was it?

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It’s a type of tumbleweed

5. The Brexit saga continues... What is the issue that UK and European Union leaders are coming to a crunch point on?

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And Sunday's deadline day...

6. Bad fires on what Queensland island have been burning since mid-October and have raged across almost half its landmass?

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Despite threats to the township of Happy Valley, efforts by firefighters and locals saved it this week.

7. Rocks from an asteroid landed in a capsule in outback South Australia on Sunday - bounty from a space mission launched by which nation?

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Six years and more than 5 billion kilometres later, Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency was pretty happy with the result.

8. What’s happening with fruit and veg prices?

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It is looking like a good season, but labour shortages, trade tensions with China, and getting past the drought are factors that will likely see prices up by 25% this summer.

9. Which iconic musician sold their entire catalogue for a rumoured US$300 million this week?

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And he was off to the bank like a rolling stone…

10. What did the International Olympic Committee say about putting breakdancing in the 2024 Paris Olympics?

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The decision left some scratching their heads...

Squiz Quiz - 11 December 2020

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