The Squiz Quiz – 11 June 2021

Get your S’Quiz on with the week’s top 10 questions. See how well you were across the news this week.

1. Which billionaire plans to head into space in July on the first crewed flight of the new Shepard rocket ship?

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That’s what being the richest person on Earth will get ya…

2. What is the best-paid profession in the country, according to new figures from the Australia Tax Office?

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All 180 of ‘em.

3. This week the financial crimes regulator cracked the whip on which casino operator?

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National Australia Bank was also in trouble despite investing $800 million to fix its non-compliance issues…

4. Who is the female golfer who took out the US Women’s Open this week?

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And she’s just 19yo making her the 2nd teen to win the Open. Incredible.

5. Millennials in China are rebelling against working hard for little reward. What action are they taking?

China Daily
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It’s called ‘tang ping’ and it’s something we can get onboard with…

6. A ‘landmark’ deal was struck among G7 finance ministers this week. What was it?

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That’s gotta sting…

7. Earlier this week, the Sussexes announced the birth of their daughter, Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. Where does her name come from?

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Lilibet comes from the mispronunciation of Queen Elizabeth’s own name when she was little. Naw.

8. A “hero rat” named Magawa is retiring from what endeavour?

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His work in Cambodia won him a medal for life-saving bravery. Yes, really.

9. Auckland in New Zealand was named the world’s most liveable city this week, followed by Osaka, Japan. Which Australian city came in at #3?

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The least liveable city? Damascus, Syria.

10. State of Origin this week saw NSW score their biggest win ever, beating Queensland 50-6 in the series opener. Who was the man of the match?

Fox Sports
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But every player stepped up. What a win…

Squiz Quiz - 11 June 2021

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