The Squiz Quiz – 13 November, 2020

Call yourself a good Squizer? See how well you were across the news this week.

1. The BBC has launched an inquiry into which famous interview?

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Diana’s brother Earl Spencer is on the warpath over new evidence they were tricked into putting her up to do it…

2. Why did federal Labor frontbencher Joel Fitzgibbon quit the shadow ministry this week?

Mike Bowers/The Guardian
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He’s concerned the party is abandoning traditional Labor voters in seats like his which has a strong coal mining sector.

3. Outgoing US President Donald Trump sacked who by Twitter this week?

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
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They fell out over a difference of opinion on whether and how to use military personnel during the weeks of racial unrest earlier this year.

4. The conduct of Morrison Government ministers was in the news this week. What did former PM Malcolm Turnbull say about the reason for putting a ban on ministers having relationships with staff?

ABC News
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ABC’s Four Corners was a whole thing for the government this week…

5. Australia has a new chief scientist starting in the new year. What is their name?

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She’s currently serving as the CSIRO’s chief scientist and has experience across climate change, health and biosecurity, mineral resources, manufacturing and energy.

6. Pick the real tweet sent by outgoing US President Donald Trump this week.

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Of course it's all of the above...

7. Which city was named Australia’s most liveable, according to a new Ipsos survey this week?

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On things like safety, affordable housing and health services, it’s Radelaide all the way

8. What did Collins English Dictionary name as its word of 2020?

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The coronavirus wins again… FYI ‘extra’ is what the cool kids are saying about something that’s dramatic or OTT…

9. A newly unveiled statue memorialising which feminist icon was the focus of discussion this week?

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Let’s just say some thought the statue is a stinker…

10. Myer’s Christmas campaign is wishing shoppers…

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It got us and plenty of others talking, so job done?

Squiz Quiz - 13 November 2020

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