The Squiz Quiz – 15 August 2020

Call yourself a good Squizer? See how well you were across the news this week.

1. What event tied to a global conflict is commemorated on Saturday, 15 August?

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And this year is the 75th anniversary.

2. Another week, another hideous economic record broken… What was this week’s pièce de résistance?

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The unemployment rate - ouch…

3. Who was named as Joe Biden’s Democratic running mate for November’s US presidential election?

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President Donald Trump was not impressed

4. Henceforth, what will Nine's entertainment guru Richard Wilkins be called?

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It comes after the Australian Women's Weekly got a few things wrong in a profile on him and his family. Like his name...

5. Former Afghan National Army soldier Hekmatullah killed three Australian soldiers in 2012. Why is he in the news this week?

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PM Scott Morrison says he should not be released and is lobbying for his ongoing detention.

6. In the wake of the devastating explosion in Beirut last week, Lebanon’s government did what?

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The government’s mismanagement and corruption has been blamed for a lot of things going wrong.

7. Billionaire media mogul/Hongkonger Jimmy Lai became what this week?

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Sadly, the pro-democracy campaigner was arrested.

8. What was groundbreaking about Edward ‘Teddy’ Sheehan’s posthumous awarding of Australia’s highest military honour, the Victoria Cross?

Garry Ivory
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It was a big day for his family and supporters, and the Navy.

9. The Northern Territory’s Chief Minister Michael Gunner said the border would likely be free to cross with no quarantine period from when?

AAP/James Gourley
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People from non-hotspot areas can go to the NT, you just have to quarantine for 2 weeks at your own expense.

10. Who is the highest paid actor in Hollywood this year?

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He’s rollin’ in it

Squiz Quiz 15 August 2020

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