The Squiz Quiz, 18 July 2020

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1. Our official unemployment rate came in at 7.4% for June - the highest it’s been for 22 years. But what level does Treasurer Josh Frydenberg think it really is?

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PM Scott Morrison said the fact more than 200,000 jobs were created in June is a good sign.

2. Victoria breached what unwanted coronavirus milestone this week?

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Melbourne’s doing it tough, but the hope is things will head in the right direction this coming week.

3. Who won this year’s Miles Franklin Prize for literature?

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She said it was a “bittersweet” victory after beating Birch, her mentor.

4. The latest National Drug Strategy Household Survey, which was released this week, found what is on the rise among Aussie youths?

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While young Aussies are less likely to take illicit drugs, smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol than previous yoofs, vaping is on the rise.

5. After a long and expensive fight, the corro between Buckingham Palace and the Queen’s representative in Australia at the time, Governor-General Sir John Kerr, on the dismissal of the Whitlam Government in 1975 was released. What was the overriding takeout?

File: Mark Baker/ AP
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The Palace has long maintained it/QEII had nothing to do with the dismissal - but the letters show it was very interested in events.

6. A new study found that the world’s population is likely to drop after the next 50 years as fewer children are born. Why do researchers believe this will be the case?

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While researchers say the population of sub-Saharan Africa could triple by 2100, countries including Japan, Spain, Italy, China and Thailand could see their populations halve by 2100.

7. This week Daniel Lee became the first person to be put to death under America’s federal justice system in 17 years. Three more death row inmates are scheduled to be executed in July and August. What do they have in common?

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It follows the Trump administration’s promise to resume federal executions after the nearly two-decade hiatus.

8. The UK did what to anger China this week?

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Beijing really wasn’t happy

9. An important study determined the “the maximum possible limit for a Usain Bolt-type performance” in what kind of competition?

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The current record is held by Joey ‘Jaws’ Chestnut with 75 hot-diggity-dogs in 10 minutes, but the study found the limit was 84 hotdogs. So close and yet so far…

10. What questionable interior design choice did actress/podcaster Demi Moore blame on former husband Bruce Willis?

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Yep. It’s a thing

Squiz Quiz 18 July 2020
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