The Squiz Quiz, 20 June 2020

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1. Adem Somyurek, a Victorian Labor MP few outside the state had heard of, said what was the reason for his resignation from the state government’s Cabinet?

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His stated reason to quit was his badmouthing of his colleagues, but Premier Daniel Andrews sacked him because it was about a lot more than that

2. How did Chinese officials characterise an outbreak of COVID-19 in Beijing?

Andy Wong/AP
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Beijing’s city managers and Chinese health officials were clear that it’s a hugely concerning development, and have reimposed severe lockdown measures in affected neighbourhoods.

3. What is Facebook doing to get ready for the upcoming US presidential election?

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Not that it’s quarantined Mark Zuckerberg and Co from criticism

4. Which Aussie sporting team is top of the pops when it comes to securing our pride, trust and respect?

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They’re World Cup winners, after all…

5. What did the family of Aussie man Karm Gilespie, who’s been sentenced to death over drug smuggling charges in China, call for this week?

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As the case came to light this week, they asked for the gossip to stop because “we do not believe [it] assists his case.”

6. North Korea blew up what this week as tensions between it and South Korea continue to climb?

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Some experts say it was a symbolic way to “create a crisis" to get sanction-lifting talks underway again.

7. In another border dispute, troops from which countries came to blows this week?

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It’s a long running dispute, that one…

8. Australia’s official unemployment climbed again in May to hit what number?

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But analysts say the number is likely to be higher with many dropping out of the labour market by giving up their search for work.

9. Which furniture business has hit the wall leaving 3,000 customers out of pocket for items they’ve paid deposits on, but now won’t receive?

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E-tailer Kogan has bought the brand and its IP, but its former business dealings are a matter for the liquidator.

10. A new bio-movie is set to be made about what famous woman?

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It’s an ambitious project… Fingers crossed it gets better reviews than the 2013 effort that saw Naomi Watts’ performance panned with one critic saying “Wesley Snipes in a blonde wig would be more convincing”. Ouch…

Squiz Quiz 20 June 2020
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