The Squiz Quiz, 23 May

Call yourself a good Squizer? See how well you were across the news this week.

1. What product did the CEO of UK retailer Marks & Spencer say they're having a hard time selling at the moment?

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But not surprisingly, the sales of women’s wireless bras (the ones that don’t have wire, not some portable telco device) are through the roof.

2. What native Aussie fauna did NSW Health this week advise the public that they should refrain from touching?

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Apparently there’s a nasty disease you can get if you’re scratched. Shut that down…

3. Startup company Bytedance hit a valuation of US$100 billion this week. What digital platform are they tied to?

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But US regulators are concerned about its ties to the Chinese Government.

4. A big weather event - Cyclone Amphan - happened in the Bay of Bengal this week. What’s its claim to fame?

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It was a big ‘un.

5. There’s hope that one of the vaccines being developed to protect us against COVID-19 is on the right track. What is the name of the company that's produced it?

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It’s share price surged this week on the good news. But there’s still a long way to go…

6. The Australian Government is updating its Style Manual. What’s it used for?

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Good luck with that…

7. The world came together to back a motion at the World Health Assembly to set up an inquiry into the coronavirus. What did China object to, but ultimately get over?

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Australian officials had a bit of a win, but it’s still tough for us on the trade front…

8. SBS held a mini-Eurovision contest - which country won?

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Love those jumpers...

9. Australians have felt the stress of the coronavirus shutdown with the Bureau of Stats showing a rise in what measure?

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Which is why health officials are upping their focus on mental health support.

10. Which national leader has broken their country’s popularity record this week?

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Yep. And with an election later this year, the leader of her opposition, the National Party, lost his job yesterday

The Squiz Quiz, 23 May 2020
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