The Squiz Quiz – 23 October, 2020

Call yourself a good Squizer? See how well you were across the news this week.

1. Why is the US Justice Department suing Google?

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Google says it’s popular because people like Googling stuff…

2. Which news program did US President Donald Trump have a blow up with this week?

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He released the footage ahead of its Sunday night air time.

3. Kiwi PM Jacinda Ardern won last weekend’s election with a national first. What was it?

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It was quite a win

4. What did Pope Francis say about same-sex relationships in a new documentary that was released this week?

CNS photo/Paul Haring
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The statement was welcomed by the liberal wing of the church and criticised by the conservatives.

5. What sparked an inquiry into Australia Post this week?

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The government's called time. Geddit?

6. Who is buying boot maker RM Williams?

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He said it was an emotional thing bringing it back into Aussie hands.

7. Speaking of local billionaires… Why was Clive Palmer in the news this week?

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He really is looking into building a replica of the Titanic FYI…

8. Brexit is at another critical point can you believe… What’s the problem?

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Talks are ongoing

9. Who won the Super Netball grand final on Sunday?

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They beat The Fever 66-64 - a tight one...

10. How did PM Scott Morrison describe himself this week?

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Context: he says he’s not looking to go to an early election.

Squiz Quiz - 23 October, 2020

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