The Squiz Quiz – 25 September 2020

Call yourself a good Squizer? See how well you were across the news this week.

1. Bougainville is a province of Papua New Guinea, and this week it elected a new president, the revered Ishmael Toroama. Locals were asked to vote on becoming their own nation last year - what was the result?

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It’s in PNG’s hands but Toroama wants to deliver independence for Bougainville within 5 years.

2. Adding to Rugby Australia’s woes, which major sponsor dropped the Wallabies this week?

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It says COVID-19 means they need to rein it in.

3. Which state opened its border to residents of NSW this week?

Tait Schmaal
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Correct. And Queensland said it will open theirs to residents of five NSW local government areas from 1 October.

4. Aussie road cyclist Richie Porte finished third in the Tour de France on Monday morning. How many other Aussies have had a podium finish in its 117-year history?

AP: Thibault Camus
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Cadel Evans was the only other - he finished first in 2011.

5. Thousands of people took to the streets in Louisville, Kentucky this week after the state's Attorney General announced no one would be charged directly over whose killing at the hands of police?

Hint: it's a case that's been taken up by Black Lives Matter campaigners...
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One officer was charged with "wanton endangerment" for firing into a neighbour's apartment.

6. Canadian TV comedy ‘Schitt’s Creek’ swept the Emmys this week setting what record?

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And for the record, she can, just in her own way

7. A great big financial scandal broke this week after documents leaked from a US financial regulator. They showed $2 trillion of criminals’ money had flowed through some of the world’s biggest banks. What has the scandal been branded?

AFP Photo
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That’s the name of the American government agency that generated the documents. There’s suspected money laundering involved, so maybe a washing theme would have suited…

8. Announced this week, what does the Morrison Government’s ‘technology roadmap’ refer to?

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Energy Minister Angus Taylor says the projects will deliver emissions reductions of 250 million tonnes annually by 2040.

9. The UK reinstated some coronavirus restrictions this week after its chief scientific adviser predicted new daily cases would rise to what level by mid-October?

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A new wave of infections has kicked off, just in time for winter…

10. Prince Harry was in hot water after calling on Americans to do what?

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The Palace distanced itself saying he’s now a private citizen.

Squiz Quiz - 25 September 2020

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