The Squiz Quiz – 26 February 2021

Get your S’Quiz on with the week’s top 10 questions. See how well you were across the news this week.

1. The Morrison Government’s mandatory media bargaining code was passed by the parliament this week. What does the code do?

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It’s been quite a ride… Thank goodness there’s a Squiz Shortcut that explains it.

2. Also on the Morrison Government's agenda this week was increasing the rate of JobSeeker - the unemployment benefit. How much will it go up by?

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It was significantly lower than campaigners were hoping for.

3. Federal MP Craig Kelly took what from PM Scott Morrison this week?

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Kelly will sit in the parliament as an independent but says he will vote with the government on supply and confidence.

4. Crown Resorts was still in the news this week. Why?

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The horror run is not over for Crown...

5. Harry and Meghan have had their 12-month performance review with Queen Elizabeth, and they aren’t returning as senior royals. What’s next LA-based couple?

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They were never going back, were they…

6. What American city was golfing legend Tiger Woods driving in when he had a serious car accident that’s put his playing career at risk?

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He’s had surgery to stabilise some nasty fractures in his lower right leg, but it’s too soon to say what it means for his golfing endeavours.

7. Brisbane is in the box seat to host which Olympic Games?

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Because climate change is wild, but not ‘Winter Games in Brissie’ wild…

8. What did the National Press Club have a surplus of after Defence Minister Linda Reynolds cancelled her Wednesday address due to a medical issue?

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The kitchen sold the 220 lobsters they had on hand to some lucky Canberrans for $10 bucks each…

9. Naomi Osaka won this year’s women’s singles title at the Australian Open. After the match, what did she say she hoped for her career?

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If Ash Barty couldn’t go home with the trophy, we’re glad it was her…

10. Daft Punk called time this week after 2 decades of dance music magic. What was their biggest hit?

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All great tunes.

Squiz Quiz - 26 February 2021

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