The Squiz Quiz, 27 June 2020

Call yourself a good Squizer? See how well you were across the news this week.

1. Chief Justice of the High Court Susan Kiefel had what to say about the sexual harassment accusations made by six women against former Justice Dyson Heydon?

Joel Carrett/AAP
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Kiefel was praised by many for her response.

2. Labor leader Anthony Albanese addressed the National Press Club this week. It took place on what notable date?

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Rolling, rolling rolling

3. Qantas cut 6,000 jobs this week and 15,000 more were stood down. What level is the airline currently operating at?

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And boss Alan Joyce this week said he hoped to get domestic flights up to 40% of its pre-corona level in July, but international services will largely be on hold until mid-next year.

4. It came to light this week that a painting depicting a religious figure was botched by restorers. Who was the painting of?

Getty Images, Wikimedia Commons
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Move over ‘Monkey Christ’

5. How long did it take the world to get from eight million to nine million cases of COVID-19?

Santiago Arcos/Reuters
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The number was hit early this week - and we’ll be at 10 million cases soon.

6. Super Netball administrators announced what rule change this week?

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And it’s safe to say it had a mixed reception

7. A massive amount of dust is on its way to the Carribean and the US. What’s it called?

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Although it is a thing for those with breathing problems.

8. Peter Freedman, the owner of Rode Microphones, shelled out a heck of a lot of money for which famous muso’s guitar?

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$8.8 million was how much he paid, setting a whopping new record.

9. Which infamous country social events are on hold with organisers concerned they won’t work with social distancing rules in place?

The North West Star
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Good call, we reckon. PS It's safe to say pretty much all of the other fixtures are off too.

10. The ABC has ditched which beloved news service?

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And social media lit up over the decision…

Squiz Quiz 27 June 2020
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