The Squiz Quiz – 28 May 2021

Get your S’Quiz on with the week’s top 10 questions. See how well you were across the news this week.

1. This week, a family joined the NFT craze and sold a viral video for more than $980,000. Which one was it?

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We’d share a link but its been removed from the interwebs...

2. The Nationals claimed victory in Saturday’s NSW state by-election in the mining-heavy seat of Upper Hunter. What was federal Labor leader Anthony Albanese’s perspective on his party’s loss?

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Despite that, NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay is fighting to keep her job.

3. China and Australia were at odds again this week over what issue?

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He appeared in a closed Chinese court on Thursday after being held in Beijing for almost 2 years.

4. Bob Fulton died of cancer on Sunday at 74yo. In what sport was he considered an ‘Immortal’?

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The rugby league icon was a renowned player and coach.

5. The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko diverted a plane travelling from Athens to Lithuania on Sunday. Name the passenger on that flight they were interested in...

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Seems claims of a bomb threat was a ruse...

6. The Sakura, a 15.81-carat purple-pink diamond, sold for $37.8 million at auction in Hong Kong this week - the largest sum paid for its type. What is it named after?

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Nice for some…

7. This week Samoa’s first female PM Fiame Naomi Mata’afa was locked out of parliament on the day she was meant to be sworn in. What did she do in response?

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In a makeshift tent... Mata’afa has accused the former PM of threatening Samoa’s democratic process by carrying out a coup.

8. Researchers reckon they have gotten to the bottom of misophonia. But what is the condition?

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The rage towards someone eating loudly is real…

9. Wednesday night’s supermoon was described by NASA as the “most super”. Why?

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And Australia had premium seats to the big event.

10. What sport secured a big broadcast deal this week?

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It’s a 5-year deal with Network 10 rumoured to be worth $200 million.

Squiz Quiz - 28 May 2021

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