The Squiz Quiz – 29 January 2021

Get your S’Quiz on with the top 10 questions. See how well you were across the news this week.

1. NSW has gone almost 2 weeks with no community transmission of COVID-19. What was Queensland’s reaction?

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It’s the close of another chapter in the long and winding road that is navigating state borders in the coronavirus era.

2. Which Labor frontbencher has been moved from the climate change portfolio this week?

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Leader Anthony Albanese says he’ll get a reshuffle in before parliament resumes on 2 February.

3. Rosemary Rogers, chief of staff to two National Australia Bank CEOs, was jailed this week for receiving $5.5 million in kickbacks from a contractor. What was the total value of the fraudulent invoices paid by the bank between 2013-17?

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The judge said it was surprising an audit didn’t pick it up.

4. Which major Australian women’s sporting competition kicked off this week?

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Footy's back...

5. Which coronavirus vaccine received approval from the Australian medicines regulator on Monday?

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Other nations have had delays in receiving vaccines, but Australian officials say the vaccination program is on track to start late February/early March.

6. Former school principal Malka Leifer was extradited to Australia this week to face 74 child abuse charges. Where did she flee in 2008 when the allegations first surfaced?

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She also made her first court appearance in Melbourne this week following her arrival.

7. What did US President Joe Biden say this week about Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate that will kick off on 9 February?

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Biden also said he thinks it’s a process that needs to happen given the pro-Trump violence in the Capitol earlier in January.

8. Chinese President Xi Jinping warned of what this week?

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It was a comment analysts said was aimed at the new Biden administration, but the US-China trade war won’t slow down, experts say…

9. What state does our new Australian of the Year Grace Tame come from?

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The sexual abuse survivor-turned-advocate said she will use her platform talk about some confronting topics this year.

10. There’s been the resurgence of a preserving trend thanks to the coronavirus. It is…

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It’s one step away from potpourri and nothing good can come from that…

Squiz Quiz - 29 January 2021

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