The Squiz Quiz – 30 October, 2020

Call yourself a good Squizer? See how well you were across the news this week.

1. What did Canadian PM Justin Trudeau say sucked this week?

The Canadian Press
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The world hears you, PM…

2. What sent inflation in July-September up by 1.6%?

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But annual inflation is at 0.7% - far below the Reserve Bank’s goal of 3%.

3. A newly crowned princess met her father, the former king, for the first time this week. Which country’s royal family are we talking about?

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And they all lived happily ever after?

4. Which iconic sporting event hosted in Melbourne received confirmation this week that it can go ahead with crowds?

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Music to cricket lovers’ ears

5. ASIC, the corporate watchdog, lost its Deputy Chair Daniel Crennan this week. Why?

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Creenan said he didn’t want to be a distraction.

6. How many coronavirus cases were added to the global tally in the last week?

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The rate is the fastest it's been since the start of the pandemic.

7. Early voting in the US presidential election seems to be going in whose favour?

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What impact the extraordinarily high number of early votes will have on the final result remains to be seen.

8. NASA researchers this week confirmed they found what on the Moon?

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It could be enough to sustain a lunar base.

9. Many strict restrictions in Melbourne were lifted this week after what delay?

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But Melburnians didn’t have to wait long for the easing of the rules

10. Tyron Waugh, a librarian in Burnie, was dressed as what character for Book Week when he was called upon to help a save a heart attack victim on the street outside?

Brodie Weeding
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"I suddenly thought, 'Gee I should take off this outfit,' and it was hot and then I realised that I didn't have any pants on underneath so I couldn't do it anyway,” he said. Laughing face emoji…

Squiz Quiz - 30 October, 2020

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