The Squiz Quiz, 6 June 2020

Call yourself a good Squizer? See how well you were across the news this week.

1. George Floyd, the 46yo black man whose death in police custody sparked 10 days of protest, said what before he died?

(Christopher Harris Via AP)
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It’s become the cry protestors adopted in their demonstrations.

2. Where will George Floyd be buried next week?

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Houston was where Floyd grew up, and a private funeral will be held on Tuesday, 9 June with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden expected to be in attendance.

3. US President Donald Trump this week said he would consider sending in the military to get violent protests across America under control. Which Trump administration member said that wasn’t a goer?

Patrick Semansky/Associated Press
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Reports say Esper now risks being sidelined.

4. Here in Australia, the High Court found that what 2014 intervention was unlawfully deployed by officers at the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre, outside of Darwin?

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The victims of that incident can now seek compensation.

5. Not great news for our economy this week. What economic phenomenon are we currently experiencing?

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But Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says it could have been worse

6. How many global cases of COVID-19 have been recorded?

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And in Oz, there are currently fewer than 500 active cases.

7. The World Health Organisation was publicly praising China in January this year for their handling of the coronavirus crisis. What was it doing behind the scenes?

(Salvatore Di Nolfi/Keystone via AP)
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One report says the WHO was concerned about being fobbed off.

8. What new feature has Facebook rolled out to help users manage their account?

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Begone, pesky/daggy/embarrassing posts…

9. If the coronavirus wasn’t enough, what terrible disease did we learn has made a comeback in the Democratic Republic of Congo this week?

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It’s ebola we learned about this week, but the nation is also fighting measles…

10. Podiatrists are seeing a surge in what condition?

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Apparently a lot of people are experiencing foot pain because of too much time without wearing supportive footwear.

Squiz Quiz 6 June 2020
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