The Squiz Quiz, Saturday 18 April 2020

Call yourself a good Squizer? See how well you were across the news this week.

1. Volunteers in one Indonesian village are attempting to get locals to stay at home by dressing up as what?

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They took the spooky approach - to combatting the spread of coronavirus…

2. What is not one of the three things that the Australian government has said needs to happen before lifting coronavirus restrictions?

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And PM Scott Morrison says if that comes together some restrictions might be lifted in four weeks time.

3. Bega Cheese won a legal challenge from Kraft this week that allows them to keep doing what?

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Corporate wrangling + branding = it’s complicated…

4. What sort of beer did 93yo Olive Veronesi from Pittsburgh ask for - and received - after she held up a sign in her window reading ‘I need more beer!’?

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And she was delivered 10 cases by the brewer. Poor Olive...

5. What is the famous quote from the Apollo 13 mission that marked its 50th anniversary this week?

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Pedantic, sure. But good to know. PS the new series of 13 Minutes to the Moon from the BBC World Service on this mission is top notch.

6. What is the new word being used to describe the phenomenon of being dumped via video conference?

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7. What was the reason given by US President Donald Trump for withdrawing America's funding to the World Health Organisation for 60-90 days while a review is undertaken?

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It was a big global story this week.

8. British press regulator Ipso this week ruled that one woman’s attraction to what object did not count as a sexual orientation?

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Leaving that one right there…

9. How high will the unemployment rate get in the next three months, according to Treasury?

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It would see 1.4 million Australians out of work, and would be the highest it’s been for almost three decades. Our unemployment rate is currently 5.2%.

10. A phrase to describe a coronavirus restriction breach emerged this week. What was it?

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Whether it happened or not is under investigation.

The S'Quiz, Saturday 18 April 2020
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