/ 07 May 2021

Fifth time’s a charm…


Elon Musk’s SpaceX finally managed to successfully launch and land its Starship rocket after the previous 4 attempts ended in spectacular fires. Yesterday’s achievement means the company has taken another step towards using the rocket to one day send astronauts to the Moon and Mars. Last month, NASA picked the Starship to send astronauts to the lunar surface in the coming years – that $2.9 billion contract was suspended this week following criticism from losing parties, including fellow billionaire/Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. His company Blue Origin yesterday announced it will be auctioning off a seat on its New Shepard rocket to the highest bidder, with the money going to its non-profit foundation. The company will launch its first human spaceflight mission on the Apollo 11 moon landing anniversary on 20 July. As for more earthly matters, a Chinese rocket in descent is predicted to fall somewhere off the Western Australian coast this weekend. Watch out sharks…

Image source: SpaceX

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