/ 10 May 2021

Western Oz sharks spared…


It started with the launch of China’s Tianhe (aka Heavenly Harmony) on 29 April and ended with earthly anxiety over the uncontrolled descent of the Long March 5B space rocket that put the module into orbit. During the rocket’s journey, Harvard-based astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell said that the potential debris zone could have been as far north as New York, Madrid or Beijing, and as far south as southern Chile and Wellington, New Zealand. So, it’s safe to say there was a bit of speculation about where the danger zone was… But all’s well that ends well – Chinese state media reported it crashed into the Indian Ocean near the Maldives yesterday arvo. It’s prompted a discussion about space junk and the dangers given all the activity above us. Note: reports say a piece of paint the size of a fingernail struck the windscreen of a space shuttle, piercing two of three layers of glass. Yikes…

Image source: AP

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