/ 20 April 2021

Football war over breakaway league

A dozen of the world’s biggest football clubs including Arsenal, Chelsea and Barcelona have agreed to join a new 20-club super competition called the Super League. In recent years, the big clubs have used the threat of breaking away as a bargaining chip in negotiations to make their paths to the Champions League (aka the tournament that pits the best European clubs against each other) easier. But yesterday’s announcement blows the romantic notion that only the best clubs get through to the top comp sky high… If it gets off the ground, it could start as soon as August. And by showcasing the biggest ‘glamour’ clubs of Europe, there’s potentially more broadcast dollars and signup payments worth billions – but smaller/good performing clubs will be left out. Europe’s governing football body (which said the move is about the “greediness, selfishness and narcissism” of the big clubs), swathes of fans, and national leaders including UK PM Boris Johnson and French President Emmanual Macron are very much against it. Even Prince William tweeted about it… Watch this space.

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