Election 22 / 19 April 2022

Ask The Squiz – Episode 1

Independents, preferences, polls, redistribution, gerrymandering, and naming new seats…

Welcome to Ask The Squiz, our weekend stroll through the burning questions Squizers have about the 2022 election. This week we cover these questions:

Emily from Warringah – It seems either the Liberals or Zali Steggall will win this time around – so what is the value in voting Labor or the Greens? A good question for any seat with a clear favourite…

Helen from Victoria – Some of the independent candidates seem to be getting traction, but how much effect can the primary vote for these candidates have on the two major parties, and what will it take for them to actually win?

Nick – Can the polls be trusted? They’ve gotten it so wrong in the past (US President Donald Trump’s win in 2016 and Scott Morison’s win last election – both of which had the polls going the other way…)

Janice – Is there a system for naming seats? How do these decisions get made?

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