Election 22 / 21 May 2022

Ask The Squiz – Episode 6

What happens after the election, voting below the line, why Labor is spelled without a ‘u’ and what happens if the party leader loses but their party still wins…

Lauren lives in Moncrieff, it’s an electorate on the Gold Coast – it’s always been a Liberal seat but she wonders about some changes over the last 3 years. She says a lot of people move there in the last 3 years and she wonders if it’s as “safe” as it seems?

Caitlyn says she wants to graduate into voting “below the line” this year on the Senate ballot – but she wants to know where to find some info on all the different candidates.

Jordan wants to know why the Labor Party use the US spelling of labour and omit the U?

Emma wants to know what happens next after the election from a procedural point of view – we hear a bit about parliament being dissolved and the writs being issued, but not a lot about putting things back together again…

Plus, what/who to watch on election night.

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