Election 22 / 20 May 2022

Your TV guide to Election Night 2022

Remote in hand, ready to watch the votes roll in? Here’s your quick guide to election night TV coverage.

When it all starts: 6pm

Hosts: Leigh Sales

Panel: Antony Green, Annabel Crabb, David Speers, Andrew Probyn and Laura Tingle

Pollies: Labor: Tanya Plibersek | Liberal: Simon Birmingham

Special features: A new segment with cutting edge graphics which will show audiences not just where the election is being won and lost, but the trends behind the result. That will be spearheaded by David Speers along with Vote Compass presenter Bridget Brennan, former Deputy State Director of the Victorian Liberal Party Tony Barry, and the former Deputy Campaign Director for Labor in Victoria Kosmos Samaras.

When it all starts: 7pm 

Hosts: Peter Overton and Alicia Loxley

Panel: Chris Uhlmann, Charles Croucher, Sarah Abo, Chris O’Keefe

Pollies: Labor: Bill Shorten | Liberal: Jane Hume | Nationals: Matt Canavan | Former pollies: Kate Ellis and Julie Bishop

Special features: Using a state-of-the-art election system, Nine will calculate results as determined by its team of experts at the Decision Desk, and as the results come into Nine’s Election HQ it will broadcast them via their Virtual Tally Room. 

When it all starts: 7pm 

Hosts: Mark Riley, Natalie Barr and Michael Usher

Panel: Chris Reason and Angela Cox

Pollies: Labor: Jason Claire, Katy Gallagher, Chris Bowen | Liberal: Michaelia Cash | Nationals: David Littleproud | Former pollie: Christopher Pyne

Special features: They will be using the “Screen of Dreams”. First made famous by CNN’s John King during the most recent US Presidential election, it’s set to fast-track winners and decide our next government by being able to process early voting trends. There’s also “The Panic Station” with experts who will make the calls on the tight races.

When it all starts: 5pm 

Host: Kieran Gilbert

Panel: Peta Credlin, Andrew Clennell, Graham Richardson, Paul Murray, Laura Jayes, Chris Kenny

Pollies: Labor: Joel Fitzgibbon, Murray Watt | Liberal: James McGrath | Nationals: Bridget McKenzie

Special features: United Australia Party’s Clive Palmer appears on Sky News ‘live and exclusive’.

When it all starts: 6pm 

Host: Sandra Sully and Waleed Aly

Panel: Peter van Onselen, Hugh Riminton, Jan Fran

Pollies: Labor: Ed Husic, Stephen Jones | Liberal: Anne Ruston, Hollie Hughes

Special features: The Daily Aus will be on hand to unpick how it’s playing out on social media.

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