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The Travelling Party

The leader’s ‘travelling party’ are the people who are with the leader to provide advice, get the announcements and politics right, wrangle the media, and make it all happen seamlessly(ish)…

24 April 2019

Behind the campaign curtain_fronting the media

Fronting The Media

Behind the campaign curtain – looking at the different ways our politicians make their announcements or address the press pack travelling with them.

22 April 2019

The Squiz_Behind the campaign curtain_The Program

The Program

In our look into the things that make a campaign happen, we turn our attention to ‘the program’ (or if it’s for an old fashioned leader, it’s probably called ‘the programme’…).

18 April 2019

Plane Food

We’ve told you all about how Coalition and Labor leaders jet around during the federal campaign. But what of the inflight menu?

18 April 2019

Behind the campaign curtain_Jetting about

Jetting About

Each day we give you a peek at how the campaign works. And when it comes to campaign travel, there are few things more important than access to the government-funded jets, or SPAs (special purpose aircraft for those in the know…)

17 April 2019

The Squiz_Behind the campaign curtain_The advance team

The Advance Team

As we look behind the scenes towards the who/what/how of campaigning, it’s hard to go past the advancers who make it all happen.

16 April 2019