Election night shenanigans

The booths have closed, and counting the votes has started. Time for a get together and a drink, yes? Sounds simple, but our final peek behind the campaign curtain lets you on in on how the highly curated evening unfolds.

• In tight elections like this one could be, it’s not unusual for the leaders to still be out campaigning until the last polls close in Western Australia with radio and TV interviews, and feeding the constant need for new pictures as the day unfolds.

• But when it gets to about 6pm, it’s time for them to gather the team and watch the results come in.

• In years gone past, the Liberals have held their major function at the Wentworth Hotel (now the Sofitel) in Sydney. Some leaders have taken private suites there so their inner circle and family can talk in private, and celebrate or commiserate, as the case may be.

• Last year Bill Shorten held his election night function at the Moonee Ponds Racing Club in his electorate and it wouldn’t be surprising if they return there again on Saturday night.

• If you’re the winner on the night, you’re waiting for a phone call from the loser to concede. And then the loser will front their waiting supporters and make their speech. The winner will wait for that speech to be over before fronting their crowd to claim victory. If it’s tight, it can get a bit messy and late, as it was for Malcolm Turnbull in 2016.

Fingers crossed for a timely, clear result on Saturday night, yes?

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