The Pictures Game

Behind the campaign curtain_The Pictures Game

Our look at the things that go into the making of an election campaign is bang on time. Winning the pictures game – so important, particularly in the last week of the campaign.

• A picture is worth a thousand words. The adage that was made for the last week of an election campaign. When a lot of the talking has been done, the policy pitches are mostly out there, and voters are feeling a bit weary, the battle to tell the leaders’ stories via great pictures is on.

• It’s quite hard to nail, and it’s when the leaders’ political and media advisers prove their worth. Because what you’re looking for are opportunities to show momentum and confidence, as well as demonstrating your policy priorities.

• They’re looking to bring their platform to life and reinforce with voters what they’ve been banging on about for the last few weeks. And they’re looking to do that by absorbing airtime/front pages/digital media hits with compelling pictures that convey their message.

• Labor leader Bill Shorten did it today. He was out early with campaign workers at a Sydney train station. A few cute campaign pups also helped to get some attention. And then it was time for some excited school girls to mob the Labor leader. Did they know who he was? Many of them, no doubt. Did it make for a great picture? It sure did.

• While non-voters, school kids have turned out to be great picture generators in the past. Paul Keating had this cracker. Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott had their moments too. It seems kids really like politicians. Scratch that – kids really like cameras…

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