The Street Walk

We’ve talked about the pictures game, and nothing’s better to generate some great images than getting among the great unwashed (aka the voting public).

• You know what we’re talking about – a street walk is when a prime minister or opposition leader walk down a street of shops (or in a mall) with dozens of journalists and cameras on them, as they attempt to casually interact with business owners and members of the public.

• But as you know, nothing is left to chance. The businesses the leaders call into will have been checked out by the advance team. And if all the stars align, they’ll have good things to say about the leader and their policies. In fact, they might even be party members.

• If the stars don’t align and the leaders encounter a hostile shopper, go past an inappropriate sign or store, or if the wrong thing is said, it’s guaranteed to be the image and footage that plays over and over, ruining the day.

As with most things in life – high risk can equal high return. But it’s a risk…

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