Your Guide To The 2019 Australian Federal Election

Saturday, 18 May. The day we’ve all been waiting for, World Whisky Day. And don’t forget there’s a federal election… And like a good drop, the candidates have been aged over the election campaign and longer, and now present themselves for judging.

You bet you are, you bet I am

• It’s the fourth consecutive election where internal party ructions have played a part in who the ruling party’s leader is. In case you needed a recap, the PMs at those elections were Julia Gillard (2010), Kevin Rudd (2013), Malcolm Turnbull (2016), and now Scott Morrison. And of course, Tony Abbott was turfed in that period too…

• The Coalition won the last election – barely – taking 76 seats in the 150 seat House of Representatives (leaving Labor with 69 seats and five members on the crossbench). And in the excitement of the last three years, the Coalition goes into the election with a notional 73 lower house seats, which means it needs to gain three seats to hang on to a majority.

• Labor starts Saturday with 72 notional seats. And the polls are tipping Labor to win a majority this weekend. And there are several seats where independents are having a red hot go to keep an eye on (think Warringah, Wentworth, Farrer, Cowper, Chisholm etc). Throughout the campaign, we’ve taken a look at some of these key seats in our Key Seat Check In.

• What do the major parties stand for? It’s landed where it started. The Coalition is standing on a platform of strong economic management. Labor says it will deliver fairness for lower income earners and more spending on health and education.

• Will we get a result on Saturday night? Maybe not. With so many votes having been lodged in early voting, and the number of seats that could be on a knife-edge, counting could go into next week. But let’s see…

Here are three useful resources:

• The pendulum and swing calculator – if you’re into it, you can use this to see how the seats are holding up with, or against, the swing.

• Who are all these Senate parties? Good question…

• Which TV coverage to watch on Saturday night? Here’s a list of which pollie is on what channel.

Now for a drink selection… As longtime Squizers know, we like to pair notable elections with a beverage. And surely the drink of Aussie democracy is a beer – which is likely to be something Bob Hawke would approve of. And may your democracy sausage be a good one.

If you can’t get enough of all things election, explore our Behind The Campaign Curtain series, where we took a look at how the democracy sausage is made. From fronting the media, to how the politicians zip around the country, to what happens on election night.

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