/ 21 October 2021

Facebook hits the refresh button

Image source: Getty
Image source: Getty

Reports say the tech giant is preparing to change its corporate name next week. Set to be unveiled at a big conference next week, it’s expected that the apps – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – will be products of a newly named parent company. It would be a set up similar to how Alphabet is Google’s parent company. So why the change? A ‘source’ says the company wants to move beyond the bigger ‘Facebook’ company being used as shorthand for ‘social media’. And it’s looking to branch out to other things, like the development of the ‘metaverse’. That’s a whole thing that we’ll probably have to do a Squiz Shortcut on, so hold that thought… Ever sceptical, critics say the moves are an attempt to divert attention from a series of scandals in recent months. #SquizShortcut

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