/ 01 July 2021

Flying cars a reality by 2030

At least that’s what Michael Cole, the boss of car manufacturer Hyundai’s European arm reckons. Cole said flying cars will be “part of our future”, and they will reduce congestion and cut vehicle emissions. For now, prototypes look less like a DeLorean and more like a plane and a car had a dirty affair and produced offspring. Take the imaginatively named AirCar, which successfully completed a 35-minute flight in Slovakia yesterday. Kitted out with a BMW engine, it takes just 2 minutes to transform from a car into a plane, and its creators say it can fly for 1,000km at speeds of up to 170km/hour. However, unlike drone-taxi prototypes, the AirCar can’t take off and land vertically and needs a runway. Holy Jetsons…

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