/ 25 May 2022

La Niña to hang around

Image source: Flickr
Image source: Flickr

We’re heading into winter next week, but it seems the east coast missed the autumn memo after receiving a record-breaking soaking during its 2nd consecutive stint of La Niña. The weather system usually loses steam in autumn, but thanks to strong trade winds over the Pacific, new analysis from US meteorologists suggests La Niña has a 59% chance of continuing throughout the rest of winter and potentially into spring. That differs from the local weather bureau, which has predicted La Niña will slosh off by the start of winter due to warming ocean temperatures. And according to the BOM’s latest climate forecast, the west coast version of La Niña – the Negative Indian Ocean Dipole – could bring even more rain to much of Oz this winter. If that’s not enough rain for ya, experts say there’s a chance another La Niña could emerge for a super-rare 3rd summer in Oz. Time to invest in the fancy gumboots… #SquizShortcuts

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