/ 02 February 2022

Moist in Queensland

Image source: Unsplash
Image source: Unsplash

That word will make you almost as uncomfortable as those living in the parts of Queensland that reached 38C yesterday. The southeast of the state is experiencing a “severe heatwave”, the weather bureau says. And forecaster Pieter Claassen said the temps aren’t the worst of it with humidity levels reaching “particularly oppressive” levels. We’re talking a dripping 90%, which is basically like walking through moisture. Soz but the muggy conditions are set to continue for the next couple of days. Just on humidity, a new US study has highlighted the importance of measuring humidity – not just temperatures – in determining the impacts of climate change. After factoring in humidity, researchers found climate change since 1980 is nearly twice as yuck as previously calculated – something the muggy-allergic will shout ‘do you think?’ Makes you sweat just thinking about it…

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