/ 05 August 2022

Conspiracy theorist accepts reality

Image source: AAP
Image source: AAP

Jurors have begun deliberations in the first of 3 defamation trials brought against InfoWars host Alex Jones by the families of children killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting. The parents of 6yo Jesse Lewis are seeking US$150 million in damages after the notable conspiracy theorist repeatedly claimed the tragedy was staged by gun control advocates and that no one actually died. The family testified they suffered significant emotional anguish after Jones’ fans stalked and harassed them. Jones has since retracted his claims, acknowledging yesterday that the shooting was “100% real”, and he was put in a difficult spot after his lawyer accidentally sent his text messages to the opposing side… His legal team say the claim should be denied because it was unreasonable to expect him to foresee the harassment the family endured. The next 2 trials start next month.

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