/ 07 January 2022

Former mafioso undone by Google Maps

Image source: Google Maps
Image source: Google Maps

If you’re trying to evade the cops after a lifetime of dastardly deeds in the Italian mafia, best not get snapped outside your new digs in Spain. That’s the cautionary tale for Gioacchino Gammino, a convicted murderer captured in an image on Google street view outside his fruit and veg shop in a small town outside Madrid. Police believed one of the 2 men in the pic closely resembled the former Italian gangster, and his identity was confirmed when they came across a listing for a nearby restaurant where the long-time-crim worked as the chef. The digitally-savvy cops found another photo of the former restauranteur on Facebook and recognised the wanted man’s scar on his chin. His restaurant also included a telling menus item called the ‘Sicilian dinner’… After the arrest was made, the prosecutor told the local press it wasn’t all down to some lucky cyber spying, and they were “on a good path” before the Google Maps discovery.

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