/ 21 September 2021

France très unhappy…

Image source: Getty
Image source: Getty

France = really grumpy about the new AUKUS alliance between Oz, the UK and the US. But you know that already. So some updates on just how unhappy it is… Their Defence Minister Florence Parly has cancelled talks with her UK counterpart. One glimmer of hope: there was speculation France was urging fellow European Union nations to “reconsider” the free-trade agreement with Oz, but that’s been denied. To recap: the ANKUS pact ignores France’s Pacific region ties and ends our $90 billion conventional submarine deal in favour of US/UK nuclear-powered sub know-how. President Emmanuel Macron took the unprecedented step of recalling French envoys from Canberra and Washington DC in protest. Later this week, US President Joe Biden will get a chance to mend ties with Macron in their first talks since the agreement was announced. Regarder l’espace…

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