/ 20 December 2021

Hongkongers boycott local election

Image source: Reuters
Image source: Reuters

Hong Kong’s legislative council election was held yesterday – the first since China introduced the National Security Law to curb dissent. And the LegCo (as the cool kids call it…) has also been in focus because China has imposed changes to the electoral system that means only ‘patriots’ can stand for election and hold positions of political power. The LegCo is an important part of Hong Kong because it’s the body that makes and amends the territory’s laws, approves budgets and taxes, and holds the head of government – the chief executive – to account. Now critics see it as another way for China to exert control, so it’s no surprise that low turnout rates were predicted. The results will be announced later today or tomorrow, but one thing is assured – China’s pre-vetted candidates won…

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