/ 09 February 2024

Two dead deals

Image source: Canva
Image source: Canva

Hopes for peace in the Middle East anytime soon have been dashed as politicians in the US and Israel said a hard ‘no’ to 2 major proposals yesterday. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the latest ceasefire deal with Hamas, saying there is “no other solution but a complete and final victory”. That means he won’t stop the war until Hamas is eradicated. And in the US, Senate Republicans voted down a US$118 billion bill that would have provided millions of dollars in aid to Gaza and Ukraine. Former President Donald Trump encouraged Republicans to vote against it – their support for the aid was contingent on upping restrictions at the US-Mexico border, and in Trump’s view, those restrictions didn’t go far enough… Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer wants to vote on an emergency package to provide foreign aid funding without the controversial border components.

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