/ 21 June 2022

Macron loses his majority

Image source: Getty
Image source: Getty

French President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist coalition has lost its parliamentary majority after a new alliance on the left, and the right’s National Rally party made gains in Sunday’s election. Macron’s ‘Together’ coalition is on track to be the largest party in French Parliament, but it’s had significant losses. With almost all votes counted, Macron’s crew is on track to win 245 seats (down from 345), left-wing alliance NUPES is set to win 131 seats, and the National Rally will likely claim 89, up from 8 seats. It’s left France’s parliament fragmented, and pundits say the parliament isn’t ungovernable, but it’s “going to require a lot of imagination” if Macron is to implement the reforms he’s promised. Macron was re-elected in April’s presidential election over National Rally’s Marine Le Pen by a tighter margin than in 2017. #SquizShortcut

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